Identity Of Body Found in Trunk of Car Released

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Update 1/3) Memphis Police now confirm the identity of a man found dead in the trunk of a car Wednesday.

The body is that of 22-year-old Brian Henderson.

Police say a person of interest is in custody but no charges have been filed.

(Memphis) A body was found in a trunk in an abandoned car near the Memphis Airport.

The body was found around 4 p.m. Wednesday.

Police say the body is a male, but have not released an identity.

Neighbors worry the body must have been in that car for days.

"That car has been there for three or four days.  It was there during the rain," one neighbor said. "I didn't think anything of it. Police are patrolling the streets all of the time."

So people who live along Goodhaven Road were never suspicious that a car was sitting abandoned on their street.

The car was parked with its flashers on about 50 yards off Airways Road.

It was parked in front of a vacant lot where houses were torn down a few years ago.

"I didn't think nothing about it because cars always sit there," Neighbor Marilyn Terry said. "I passed it everyday."

But Wednesday the abandoned car turned into a possible crime scene.

"I didn't see anybody in the car so if there was a body it wasn't visible."

The body of a man was found in the trunk, bringing a mixed reaction from neighbors.

"I'm just really shocked," one woman said.

"I don't think it happened here. Somebody probably drove that car there and put it there so I don't have anything to be worried about it," Terry said.

Police aren't saying much about what happened, and haven't confirmed how or where the person inside that car died.

Neighbors say this type of discovery is a first on their street and hope it's the last.

"This is a very quiet street police officers patrol here all the time. I don't know how someone got the upper hand on the cops."

The car was taken to the crime scene lab to be processed. Police have not confirmed this death is a homicide.

If it is ruled a homicide, it will be the first one of 2013 for the City of Memphis.