Officer Injured When Thief Steals Police Car

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(Memphis) Memphis Police were extremely busy overnight in North Memphis.  According to Sgt. Karen Rudolph a GMC Yukon was carjacked early in the night at Tutwiler and Claybrook.

Later around 3:30 this morning Eureka Sanders called 911 when she claims a man with a gun forced his way into her apartment in the 1900 of Hubbert.

“He couldn't even stand up. He sat on my couch and he was going on about problems with his wife and that was the only thing that could keep him safe was his gun,” explained Sanders.

Memphis Police said while they were investigating the armed party call, they spotted two men taking the rims off the same SUV that was carjacked earlier in the night.

They were able to arrest a 15-year-old, but police say a second suspect began fighting them and was able to get away.

The suspect then got into a police car and took off.

In the fight a Memphis Police officer was injured.

He was taken to the hospital to be treated for a head wound, but was later released.

Around 5:15 this morning, the stolen squad car was found burning at Montgomery and Snowden.

Memphis Fire put out the flames and called in arson investigators.

But the suspect was nowhere to be found.

“It was exploding right and left and like 8 police cars and fire engines.

They just let it keep burning,” explained Tacker.

For now the carjacking suspect is not in custody. 

Neither is the armed man who pushed his way into the apartment.

Anyone information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 528-CASH