More Meth Labs Being Found In Cities

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(Memphis) Close to 70 meth labs were busted in Shelby County between January and October, driving the county to be one of top meth producing areas in Tennessee.

Tom Farmer with the state's Methamphetamine and Pharmaceutical Task Force in Chattanooga says, meth labs in cities are more common because the makers are using whats called a "shake and bake" method.

"They don't put off as much odor. They are more mobile," said Farmer.

in 2005, lawmakers made it so you could only get things like Sudafed at pharmacies, dramatically dropping the possible sale locations from 68,000 to 1,800. This past year, a new law electronically stopped the sale of pseudoephedrine for anyone buying more than 9 grams in a month.

Farmer says, even with new laws, meth makers are still producing as much, if not more of the dangerous drug. He partially blames a group known as surfers. They pick up a box of cold medicine for ten dollars and then turn around and sell it to meth producers for nearly a hundred dollars a box.

"The resourcefulness of these guys, they have found ways to circumvent the legislation." said Farmer.

Farmer believes Tennessee should look across the border at what Mississippi is doing to fight meth. There, you must have a prescription to purchase any item containing ingredients used to make meth.