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Parents of Teen Killed in Crash Encourage Seatbelts

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(Dyer County) - A Middle Tennessee State Student was killed on an icy roadway near Newbern. It happened Wednesday on Lexie Cobb Road in Dyer County.

Taylor Stahlman's parents say she was concerned about the roadways that morning before she left their house.

"She asked me if the roads were safe for her car and I looked outside and said sure just be careful and she said okay I love you bye and I said I love you be careful."

It was the last time Mike Stahlman would see his 19-year-old daughter.

She was a teen her parents called full of life.

"She always had a smile on her face. She loved everybody," her mother Angie said.

Taylor was studying to be a veterinary tech at MTSU and was home for the holidays.

She was driving to see a friend Wednesday afternoon when her car hit an icy spot on a bridge. Her car fell 25 feet into a ravine.

Taylor wasn't wearing her seat belt and was ejected.

"I just want everybody to remember to wear a seat belt always," her mom said.

"She wore a seat belt every time she got in a vehicle and yesterday, we don't know why, she didn't put it on. It very well could have made a difference," Mr. Stahlman said.

Crashes are already a common occurrence on Lexie Cobb Road.

"We had a nephew who ran off the road at the same similar area, that same road actually," he said.

The Stahlman's say they wish when they put the guard rail in along the bridge they would have extended it to cover the ravine. They hope that will happen now to prevent more tragedies from happening.

But through their tragedy, they have hope that their youngest daughter will live on.

"When she turned 18 she signed her organ donor card and I pray to God one day I meet somebody she helped save," he said. "She would be so happy with that."

They offer this advice to other parents.

"Hug your kids and tell them you love them every single day," Mrs. Stahlman said.

Because they say say you never know what day may be their last.

Taylor's visitation will be held at Dyer County High School Saturday night. Her funeral will be held there on Sunday.