MPD Officer Kills Suspect After Robbery

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(Memphis) During a foot chase, a Memphis police officer shot and killed a man suspected of robbing a McDonald’s on Frayser Boulevard Thursday afternoon.

After a search Thursday night, police said they had detained a second man, but it was uncertain whether they would place that person under arrest.

They also said there may be two other suspects, a man and a woman in a brown Taurus, who were getaway drivers.

Police said that while the two in the car waited outside, two men entered the McDonald’s.

At about 4:15p.m., several McDonald’s employees ran to the AutoZone next door for help. An AutoZone employee called 911.

That employee wants to stay anonymous. He said the robbery was “plum crazy. I don’t get it, I don’t understand it, but it sure happened. The girls came in, like I said, and they were shaking like a leaf on a tree.”

He then went outside to the boundary between the AutoZone and McDonald’s parking lots. He saw two men running behind the McDonald’s into a wooded area.

“They had on the masks, all black. One near my height, and one near my shoulder, kinda stocky,” he said.

He pointed police in their direction and heard police say ‘stop or I’ll shoot.’

He said police drew their weapons, as the suspects ran with a gun behind them, pointed back at police.

Since the incident is under investigation, Memphis police did not say whether the suspects shot at them. But witnesses said they heard shots, which ended with an officer striking and killing one of the two suspects.

A search followed for the second person, and by 6:00p.m., a second man was detained in another location close by. Police have not updated News Channel 3 on whether that man is a suspect under arrest.

The AutoZone employee also saw one suspect carrying a McDonald’s bag.

“It was a paper bag. I think it ripped from running, and he dropped it.”

Another witness saw money through the ripped bag.

One McDonald’s employee who wished to stay anonymous, said he saw the crime scene when he pulled up for work. He talked to a co-worker who was inside when the robbery happened.

He said, “She said she had seen a gun or something. She was like, they were getting ready to rob the place or whatever. So she had pushed her friend all the way to the back.”

He said she didn’t know whether the robbery was real at first, or if people were just playing a game.

Witnesses all say they understand the police officer’s decision to shoot, since the danger is unknown.

The AutoZone employee said, “Do the crime, ain’t no telling what the consequence is going to be. And everybody knows it may end up with death.”

An MPD Lieutenant Colonel said all officers were fine and did not sustain any injuries. Only one squad car had a minor accident in striking a pole when arriving on the scene.

The officer who fired the fatal shot is on paid leave, pending the outcome of the investigation.