Cars Ransacked, Electronics and Cash Untouched

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(GERMANTOWN) Bob Churinetz showed us the items crooks left behind after they ransacked his truck Christmas Eve. Electronics, money, and guns were all left behind.

“If they were little tiny kids you think they would go for the quarters if they were adults who knew the value of things you think they'd go for the radar detectors”, he said. “We had 3 radar detectors in those 3 cars and nothing was stolen.”

The same day Jonathan Becraft had a similar story to tell just down the road at his home.

“It was really weird, nothing was missing and my sister had a GPS in her car and we thought they would have taken it”, Becraft said.

Three cars in their driveway were ransacked.  If think it's a coincidence, you may want to think again.

Nearly 20 people had the same thing happen either Christmas Eve or the day after Christmas. All of the victims lived near Wolf River, Johnson, and Forest Hill Irene in Germantown.  

Of all those incidents, something was taken just 3 times: a watch, gun and a rifle.