Trucks Sand Bridges and Overpasses

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(Memphis) Sand trucks were out in force Wednesday, sanding bridges and overpasses around Memphis.

Those are the areas that freeze first in winter weather, and also are the most treacherous.

Kaylon Durham was on his way to work Wednesday morning when he hit a patch of ice on an overpass.

"I was going around the ramp and when I went around the ramp I was going kind of slow and I slid with the icy roads," he said.

It sent his car pummeling down a hill narrowly missing a large pole.

"The anti-lock brakes came on and the steering wheel locked," he said.

A frightening ordeal for Durham. The tow truck driver who came to rescue him said he had worked a several similar scenes. He said calls started at 10:00 Tuesday night.

A reminder to other drivers, that icy patches are on the roads even when they look clear.

The sanding crews worked until noon Wednesday putting the salt/sand mixture on the bridges and overpasses.

The public works department said that they are not expecting water to re-freeze tonight, but there will be a crew on standby just in case.