Volunteers Help Homeless on Christmas

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(Memphis) Today is the grand finale for the Season of Giving, and several groups are joining forces to bring holiday cheer to some people in the most need.

Operation Warm-Up not only provides for the homeless and needy, but the event also gives Mid-Southerners a chance to give back.

“It's just been a blessing, a blessing. They are a blessing to us,” said Sarah Simmons.

Simmons says she has struggled with a disability and homelessness throughout the years, but she knew anytime a holiday came around she could count on the people at the House of Mtenzi to come through for her.

“They help you with what you need. They make sure you're ok and warm and you're full and to me I enjoy being around these people,” said Simmons.

She says she's doing better now, but still likes to come be around those who gave to her during her hardest times.

Several faith based groups have joined forces under the House of Mtenzi to make soup and provide warm-up kits for people in need across Memphis. 

Those kits include many of the essentials a homeless person may need.

The House of Mtenzi has been collecting these clothes and shoes from people around the community and today they are giving them to people who need them the most.

Coordinators say the event is all about giving back and most people are just one paycheck away from needing help themselves. 

They've been doing it for more than ten years, and each year the crowd in need gets bigger, but so do the number of people who want to give back.

 “It's important for us to be a servant, to give back to others and the cycle would rotate and remove a lot of poverty and homelessness from our community,” said Christian Fellowship Ministries Pastor, Melvin Campbell.

The group says they're planning another event at 1289 Madison in February.