Wind Gusts Beat Down on the Mid-South

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(Memphis) Wind gusts as high as 60 mph beat down on the Mid-South, knocking down trees and cutting power to homes.

“I was up asleep in my bedroom and I heard a really big explosion and that was the transformer blowing out,” said Ivy Bookout, a Collierville resident.

It was then that she and many of her neighbors lost power.

A wind gust brought down power lines along with a utility pole behind her house early Thursday morning.

“The live wires were so hot that it caught one of our trees on fire and sap was boiling up out of the tree and steam was coming out everywhere,” said Bookout.

While Memphis Light Gas and Water crews worked quickly to restore power to 11,000 homes, the wind was wreaking havoc.

“It’s really been a thorn in our side since early this morning,” said Glen Thomas, an MLGW spokesperson.

He says as crews worked one area to restore power, winds pulled lines down in a different spot, “We've restored power to thousands of our customers at this point but the wind is still continuing and we're still seeing a lot of scattered outages throughout the county.”

Not only that, the crews themselves were being blown around trying to clean up its mess.

“Thus far we haven't seen any hazardous conditions,” Thomas said. “The wind is a nuisance for them, but they are restoring power as quickly as they can.”

And that’s what Bookout wants to hear, as her and her mother struggle to stay warm in a cold, dark house.

“It’s cold inside and outside,” she said. “She's got two sweatshirts on and leggings and sweatpants and she's still freezing.”

Anytime there is a power line down on the ground, stay away from it and call MLGW's emergency hotline. That number is 528-4465.