Colleagues Raise Money for Officer Lang’s Children

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(Memphis) When Officer Martoiya Lang was shot and killed, four little girls were left without a mother and they're going to need a lot of help.

You can donate to the Lang family by giving at Suntrust, Bank of Bartlett and Regions bank locations around the Mid-South.

Another group also had its own fundraiser for Officer Lang.

"This is extremely important to us," said Latanya Able, a Memphis police officer.

The Afro American Police Association lost one of its own.

"I was devastated. Just devastated," said Able.

Officer Martoiya Lang left behind four daughters.

"The last couple of days I`ve just been thinking about them," said Dwight Woods, a retired officer.

Lang's former colleagues from the Raines precinct in Whitehaven turned their thoughts into action.

"I got three girls and every time I look at [Lang's children] I think about them," said Woods. "What they would have done had I been killed on duty."

"This is one way we show our love , providing some type of support," said Able.

Support in the form of buckets. Buckets filled with love.

The Association says no matter what, all the money raised Thursday will be going towards a college fund for Officer Lang's children.