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Organ Recipient Meets Mother of Donor

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(Memphis) Yolanda Walton and her teen daughter Krista thought they were appearing on News Channel 3’s Live at 9 Wednesday to celebrate an upcoming appearance in the Rose Parade.

Yolanda made the decision to donate her daughter Lexie’s organs last year just after Lexie turned 17.

“She has a seizure and she drowned at home in our bathtub. Once they pronounced her brain-dead, that’s when I made the decision,” said Yolanda.

Yolanda and her daughter will appear in the Rose Parade on a Donate Life float. \

But while on Live at 9, News Channel 3 had a surprise for Yolanda.

It was Amanda Morgan whom received two of Lexie’s organs.

“I have her kidney and her pancreas,” said Morgan.

When Amanda walked on set and explained who she was the tears began to flow immediately.

For Morgan it was a chance to say thank you for a second chance at life, “I went to buy thank you cards and I stood in the aisle for hours because how do you say think you for something like that. I carry a piece of your daughter with me every day and I just don’t casually think of Yolanda. It’s every day I think of Yolanda."

“This is my birthday but this is the greatest gift. It’s like having her here with her recipient,” said Yolanda who hopes others are inspired to donate from her story.

“The greatest gift you could give is to give life to someone else,” added Yolanda.