Wear Blue All Week For Murdered Officer

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(Memphis) The first lady of Memphis is calling Fallen Officer Martoiya Lang a “shero.”

She’s the first female officer to be killed in the line of duty in Memphis.

Tuesday, city leaders let it be known their hearts are with the officer’s four children.

Blue can represent sadness, or the men or women who protect our streets, but Tuesday, the color stood for a movement that calls for the city to surround four children with love.

“Justice will not fill the holes in their hearts,” said Memphis District Attorney General Amy Weirich.

Four children lost their mother when Officer Martoiya Lang was shot and killed Friday serving her city.

“But the question is not ‘do we mourn’, but ‘what do we do?'” said Ruby Wharton, the mayor’s wife.

The first lady of Memphis suggests that we stand together to help the daughters Officer Lang didn’t want to leave behind.

“We pray. We grieve. We have our shoulders leaned back and strong to say ‘You can lean on me. I’m here for you’ But practically, what can we do for those four girls?”

In a movement they’re calling “We Bleed Blue,” Memphis women city leaders are asking us to wear something blue all week in remembrance of Officer Lang.

“She put her life at risk every single day for us,” said Wharton.

They are also asking we take a moment of silence, wherever we are, on Thursday at 11 a.m. 

That is when Lang’s children will be attending their mother’s visitation.

“I also have four children,” said Weirich.

Most importantly, the women, mothers, and wives want us to think of Lang’s children for longer than today or tomorrow.

“My challenge is for you to remember these four beautiful girls next year and a year after that,” said Weirich.

They’re asking that we give a gift to them, not to replace their mother, but help support them while she’s gone.

“We are truly rich in the care of our hearts and the generosity of our spirits,” said Wharton.

They are asking the public to make a donation to the Officer Lang fund that will go entirely to her children.

You can donate at any SunTrust, Regions or Bank of Bartlett.