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17-Year Old Charged In Brutal Murder Of Clarksdale Woman

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(Clarksdale, MS) A 17-year old is charged with robbery and murder in the brutal death of an 80-year old woman.

Nathaniel Roberson Jr., who is 17, is charged with Robbery and Capital Murder.

Over the weekend investigators found 80-year old Ethel Lewis dead in her Clarksdale, MS home of more than 50-years.

Her body was reportedly on fire when they arrived.

The brutal murder shocked the Mississippi Delta City of Clarksdale.

Police Captain Robbie Linley says the woman’s murder is hard to understand, “I don’t know if words can really describe exactly the brutality of this crime.”

The freshly painted two story house on Issaquena Avenue in Clarksdale is still an active crime scene.

It is where police found the body of Ethel Lewis Saturday afternoon.

Captain LInely says the crime went beyond robbery and murder, “She was on fire somehow. She was either set on fire or she caught on fire.”

Police say after the fire, the teen stole Ethel Lewis’s car and headed south toward Sunflower County.

He was spotted by Highway Patrol who gave chase and took the man into custody.

According to Captain Linely, three other men in the stolen car were not involved in the crime, but he would not elaborate, “There were some other subjects we’ve talked to in this investigation. I really can’t get into detail.”

An agent with the Mississippi Fire Marshall’s Office was at the murder scene Monday, signaling the investigation is far from over.

Meantime people who knew Ethel Lewis are still reeling from her death.

“One of the sweetest, kindest people you would ever meet. Just the epitome of a sweet little old lady.”

Sandy Stillions, a sales rep at Nabors Yoyota,  remembers Ethel Lewis fondly.

The woman worked for the dealership more than 40-years when it was located on Desoto Avenue.

Sandy Stillions last saw Lewis a couple of weeks ago when she came to visit the new Toyota dealership on Highway 61.

He remembers their conversation, “Talking about some of the good times we had when she was still working with us and how much she missed it and how much we missed her.”
Police are checking business security cameras near Lewis’s home to see if anyone else may have been involved.

Ethel Lewis will be buried Wednesday morning in Clarksdale.