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Memphis Man Has Family Connection to Connecticut School Massacre

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(Memphis) Hearts are broken all over the country after the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary that killed 26 people.

For one Memphis man, this literally hits home as he is mourning the loss of his little cousin.

“Daniel Barden, he was 7 years old. He was killed in the Connecticut shooting,” said an emotional Kyler Lunman.

Lunman clings to his cell phone with a picture of his little cousin Daniel.

He was a first grader at Sandy Hook Elementary and died in the shooting.

“It`s been pretty tough to deal with,” said Lunman.

The Army veteran says it`s hard to look at Daniel’s picture because childhood pictures are all family members will have to remember him, “The thought that any child or any person of any age was killed is uncouth.  That's why I joined the military to help people and save people."

A devastated Lunman says the Sandy Hook massacre is especially tough on him. 

He's a gunsmith and sells fire arms for a living. 

He says family members are now questioning his job because of what happened to Daniel, “I now know that people in my family hate me now knowing that I work in a fire arms store."

Lunman admits feeling a little guilty because he works with gun, but he says he does it for hunting and collecting, not killing 20 innocent children.

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