Man Robbed at Gun Point While Hanging Christmas Lights

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(Memphis) - Thieves try to steal Christmas from a Memphis man who was
putting up his holiday decorations. He was on his ladder when police say two men armed with a gun walked up and grab him.  All this happened in the 1600 block of Russwood in North East Memphis.

Christmas lights dangle from Matt Seagraves' roof. He started putting the lights up Sunday night when he was interrupted by real life grinches.

"I looked back and noticed two people were walking down this way. They had these hoodies on and I was beginning to wonder what they were doing, but they continued to walk and i thought maybe they were just looking at the Christmas lights."

But moments later the men turned around.

"I look over my shoulder and here they come creeping really slow to me," he said. "I start to go up slowly the ladder and one of them grabs my leg. They pull me and grab me by my pants. They get me on the ground, and one holds a gun to me and the other starts searching my pockets and I don`t have nothing," he said.

The robbers started to walk away, but they came back.

"I turn around and they were about to kill me so I turn around and I fight them, but he won't turn loose the gun and I push them away," he said.

Then he jumped his neighbors fence and called 911.

Matt has a few blisters from the ordeal, but says he's lucky he lived through it.

"It`s something I never thought would happen," he said.

He hopes his frightening story serves as a reminder, so no one elses' holiday spirit is stolen.

"I just want to tell everybody putting your lights up be careful," he said. "Let somebody else out there with you and don`t turn your back."

About 30 minutes before Matt was robbed, police say nearby at 1864 Berkshire there was another robbery

 The victim advised he was exiting his vehicle after parking it in his driveway and as he approached his front door he was struck in the head with a gun and robbed.

No one has been arrested. The investigations are ongoing.