Police Shooter Shot In Torso

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(Memphis) Officer William Vrooman and fallen officer Martoiya Lang were executing a drug warrant a 1026 Mendelhall Cove, when a person on the other side of the door began firing at them.

The suspect allegedly hit them both, killing Lang.  

The 21-year-old suspect was hit in the chest during that exchange taken to The MED in critical condition.

Police say a 26-year-old man was arrested at the house.

LaShandra Haynes is the mother of a 14-year-old boy and says when you're a parent,you worry about your child getting mixed up with the wrong people.

"The kids are very vulnerable now. They pass them candy and little small things which will get them on the side tracks of being active like the older people," said Haynes.

Memphis Police Association President Michael Williams says it's more common than you think for teenagers and young adults to be mixed up in serious crimes like Friday's double shooting.

He says older adults use to commit the most violent crimes, but that's changing in Memphis, "If you look at most of the violent crimes in this city they are committed by young individuals. When you look from the age of fourteen to twenty one or twenty two, those are the ones who are actually committing the violent crimes."

Williams says teens and other criminals don't have any respect for officers any more and don't take the police department seriously, "This is a reflection of how crime is n the rise and how things are going in this city. If you're not afraid to shoot at the police then you are definitely not going to be afraid to shoot other citizens."

Louis Tate lives near the scene of the shooting and agrees, "I'm scared of them. Especially when they walk in groups you know? You never now what's on their mind. You never know what they're into and they're ready for whatever."

Tate says he doesn't know anyone who lives at the house on Mendenhall Cove where the shooting happened, but he says there is a gang problem in the area.

Police records show officers from the Organized Crime Unit went to this house twice before.

Once in May of 2007 then again two months later in July.

Tate believes it's not too late to take back the streets.

He blames a lack of parenting in the community and says it's time for mothers and fathers to step up, "These kids don't do right. This is a discipline thing, and we don't have that anymore. Anytime you break the law nothing happens then everyone loses control."