Family of Fallen Officer Struggles to Cope With Tragedy

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(Memphis) It's been an emotional and heart wrenching time for Darius Lang and his daughters.

 "I loved my wife. Right now I can't explain the emotions that I'm feeling, right now," Lang said.

His emotions are in a state of shock after learning that officer Martoiya Lang, his former wife of ten years and the mother of his young daughters was killed in the line of duty today.

 "They(daughters) are not taking it well. They are not taking it well, at all. It's why my biggest concern is my daughters right now. They are the ones who will feel the pain. They are the who are really hurting right now."  

As Lang and his family try to deal with their loss, he also thinks about the other men and women in blue who risk their lives to protect and serve this community.

"Being a police officer is a challenging job and it's a demanding job and I give every police officer the acknowledgement that they're going out there to protect us," Lang said.

In this case, it cost one officer her life, but Darius Lang says it was a job, it was a career that Martoiya Lang was dedicated to and enjoyed everyday.

"My wife, she did that everyday. She went out and she protected people like you and like me and she did a job. She was good at her job," Lang said.