Police Search for Memphis Mother Guilty of Toddlers’ Deaths

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(Memphis) Memphis Police are searching for a mother who pleaded guilty for the death of her two sons in a house fire because she is violating her probation.

The tragedy captured the heart of Memphians when a 2 and 3-year-old who unable to take care of themselves were locked in a house while their mother Melodia Dunn went shopping.   

The house caught on fire killing the two boys inside.

But the boys’ aunt, who family members have since said is mentally ill, was more worried about her food stamps inside. 

“I really need to get in there and see if my purse burnt up because I had my food stamp card and everything in there,” Marilyn Wilson told News Channel 3 in 2009 just after the deadly fire.

Dunn pled guilty to child neglect and reckless homicide and entered an Alford plea to escape jail time.

Dunn was sentenced to 14 years probation. 

In that probation she spent some time in a mental hospital and was ordered to check in with her probation officer.

The Shelby County District Attorney`s Office says Dunn has stopped taking her medicine, stopped showing up for therapy, and stopped checking in with her probation officer. 

Now police are searching for her so a judge can decide what to do next.

He can revoke her probation, send her to jail for the rest of her sentence, or order further probation terms. 

Posey Piggie saw the fire breakout and watched as the boys were trapped in the house on Effie Street.

“There’s some dudes down the street they came and tried to get them out, but then they called the fire department,” said Piggie.

Piggie believes Dunn still has blood on her hands for the death of the two little boys she use to watch play outside across the street.

“Well it looks like to me they would have sent her at the beginning if they were going to do something like that,” said Piggie.

If you have any information on Dunn’s whereabouts call Crime Stoppers at 528-CASH.