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Federal Government Has Owed Man Thousands For Nearly a Year

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(Memphis) If you've been to the post office or applied for a passport, you know the government can be painfully slow, but that delay could be putting a Memphis man and his family out on the street. 

Milton Bell lost his job, his car broke down and he's about to be put out of his home, but that could all be fixed if the government would issue a check for money he's already owed.

“I'm very frustrated, “ Bell said, talking about the $6,000 the federal government owes him.

“They told me it would take up to three months and it’s been now 10 months,” he said.

Bell lost his job and must pay his rent before he and his family are evicted in one week.

“It’s not even about me,” he said. “It's about my kids and not that I'm looking for no handouts. It's about my money that they owe me and I'm still getting the run around.”

It's a bit confusing, but Bell borrowed $5,000 to go to truck driving school.

He got hurt and never went.

The Dept. of Education already gave the school the money and never got it back.

So instead of getting a tax refund this year, the money went straight to the Department of Education.

We listened on speakerphone as Bell talked to the Department of Education.

It admits making a mistake and says it's working with the Treasury Department to get him the money, but there's no activity on his account since Monday. 

Bell says he's running out of time, “I'm in a bad place, a really bad place.”

In the best case scenario, Bell won't get his money for another seven to ten days. 

News Channel 3 made calls to the Dept. of Treasury, but they couldn't talk with us about Bell's case.