Vigilant Neighbor Aides in Suspects Arrest

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(Memphis) Kevin Pigott was a few blocks away from his home, walking his dog Tuesday afternoon, when he heard a house alarm in the 1900 block of Young Avenue.

"When the alarm went off they ran and that's what tipped me off. I just called 911 and try to give the best information I could so the cops could do their job," said Pigott.

Deontay Rogers and Joshua Cribbs are now charged with burglary after police said the pair broke in the garage of the home and then attempted to break into the house.

A third man was spotted at the scene and arrested but he was not charged.

MPD did not say why he wouldn't be charged.

Pigott was able to call 911 and give police a detailed description of the suspects.

The men were then found hiding: one in the bushes and the other underneath a house.

It's not clear if the men got away with anything or if the alarm scared them off.

Both have previous burglary charges.

"We were just there at the right time and I mean the homeowners could've come home after a long day at work and found their house or their property broken into. Like I said my wife and I just happened to be there at the right time," added Pigott.