Singing Christmas Tree Director Praying For Own Miracle

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(Memphis) A Christmas tradition at Memphis’ Bellevue Baptist Church wraps up tonight.

The Singing Christmas Tree show has run since last Friday.

Once again, the story centers on the miracle of Christmas but this year’s show has more meaning than ever before for the show’s music director.

The production is called Christmas on Miracle Street.

It’s about the large number of orphans in New York City in 1912.

When they were drafting the script, Mark Blair had no idea he’d be praying for his own miracle.

Doctors diagnosed him with a rare progressive form of prostate cancer earlier this year, “Still, on a journey got word this week that the cancer they did not get it all. That's confirmed that it’s still growing but I'm still praying for healing."

Blair has made it through every show and rehearsal.

As the story unfolds on stage, there's a blessing even for those children who aren't adopted.

Blair doesn't know how his story will turn out, but just as the fictitious children on Miracle Street, he too has hope his story will turn out as God wants.

“I heard a great quote the other day that said that our job as believers is to pray for healing and believe. It’s God's job to work out the results. So, I'm not going to stop believing. I'm asking for healing. I see God healing people all around me. Don't know what his results are but that's not my job. My job is to pray and believe,” said Blair.

Tonight’s final production of Christmas on Miracle Street is scheduled for 7pm.

There are a very limited number of tickets available but the church is streaming it live