Man Lit on Fire Spends Time in Jail

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(Memphis) Cedric Garrison was set on fire by his ex-girlfriend.

Memphis police can't track her down but they arrested Garrison for not paying child support. 

His mother was outraged and told authorities he didn't deserve to be in jail.

Nola Garrison said Cedric would pay child support if he could. 

Instead, Garrison said he is recovering from severe burns while the woman who attacked him remains at large, "They ought to be looking for Tamika Jones ,the woman who burnt him to keep him from working."

Nola says Memphis police had its priorities mixed-up when they arrested her son Cedric Friday walking down the street, "When they picked him up, he was walking with his son and spending time with his children."

Police arrested him on a Mississippi warrant for being behind on child support payments.

Yet, Nola says Cedric's been unable to work since the end of May when his ex-girlfriend Tamika Jones, set him on fire.

Police say she did it in a premeditated plot to kill him.

Cedric spent days unconscious in the hospital and has been recovering slowly ever since.

Meanwhile, the mother of his five children is still wanted for attempted murder.

Nola believes she should be in jail by now, "[Police] can't be looking for her! From May to December you can't find one woman?"

Police say Jones was last seen in Orange Mound the day she attacked Cedric.

It's the same precinct where police recently picked him up for the warrant.

"Before he got burnt, he was paying child support," said Garrison.

Cedric was released from jail Tuesday when the State of Mississippi found out how badly he was burned.  H

e spent almost five days in jail, while the woman who poured gasoline on him and lit him up has yet to spend one day behind bars.

Nola believes someone knows where she is, "I don't know why they don't turn her in so justice can be served."

If you know where Tamika Jones is, call Crime Stoppers at 528-CASH.

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