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Man Arrested for Soliciting a 14-Year-Old for Sex

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(Memphis) A Southeast Memphis man is in jail, accused of trying to lure a young teenager by sending her suggestive text messages.

Police say he met his victim on a soccer field and then pursued the 14-year old girl for sex.

Twenty-nine year-old Juan Arellano wwent to the girl's house according to police.

When her parents found out, they called police.

Police say Arellano met the girl on a soccer field and got her phone number from her friends.

They say he then began sending her text messages asking her to send him pictures of herself.

Neighbors say they saw sheriff deputies surround Arellano's apartment Monday.

They arrested him for two counts of solicitation of a minor. Investigators recovered three months worth of messages from Arellano on the girl's phone.

Some of the messages included, "Waiting for the pic", "Sexy pose please", "Send pics of front and back" and "I imagine us going all the way".

"That's sad. That's real sad," said Neighbor Thomas Johnson. "If he is around here doing that then he needs to be locked-up."

Police say Arellano also called the young teen on the phone and messaged her on Facebook.

Neighbors believe he lives with this mother in the Ashland Lakes apartments.

Now he is in jail and, if convicted, could be listed on the sex-offender registry.

Arellano is being held in jail on a $75,000 bond.

His next appearance in court is scheduled for December 18.