Arrest Made In Beating of Elderly Man Who Tried To Do A Good Deed

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Update 12/12/12) One man has been arrested in the beating of a 79-year-old Gilmore, AR man.

The arrests were made in Mississippi County, AR with the help of a description given by the victim.

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Malcolm Markham
P.O. Box 83
Gilmore, AR 72339

(Gilmore, Ar) An elderly man was beaten and robbed outside his home in Menesha Street Sunday night.

Malcolm Markham, 79, says he's lucky he's alive to share his story, "I'm scared to go out."

For the first time in Markham's 79 years, he has lost his sense of security, "I didn't even want to go out there and open the door for you and that`s bad."

On Sunday night a man came to his Gilmore home on Menesha street, "He said, I got 10 dollars here if you take me to get some gas."

Wanting to help, Markham went outside to get in his truck.

"When I put the key in the ignition someone hit me across the head," he said. "They beat me and stomped me. They busted my finger."

He was hit with a .20 gauge shot gun. Then he was robbed.

"It felt like 100 hands were in my pockets," he said.

Inside one of his pockets $1000 he had saved up for Christmas to give to his kids.

"Part was my social security money," he said with tears in his eyes. "I sold sweet potatoes and pecans to get the rest of it."

If there was an upside to this, he says he was able to identify one of his attackers after pulling off his mask.

He said he spoke to the young man earlier that night down the street.

"He knew where I had my Christmas money because he asked me if I had change for a hundred and I said yes," he said.

But through it all, he's grateful. He knows his story could have an ended far differently.

"He could have killed me," he said.

The Crittenden County Sheriff's Office says so far no arrests have been made, but they have identified suspects. Investigators say they are waiting to process their warrants.