Elderly Abuse Case Moves Slowly Through Court

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(Joiner, Arkansas) WIlton Goudeaux's final days were anything but golden.

Investigators say the 77-year-old man was malnourished, beaten and drugged by the three people looking after him.

One of them, his own son, Wilton III.

The younger Goudeaux still sits in jail on adult abuse charges.

Other family members want justice.

Wilton Goudeaux,III  will be in a Oceola Court Monday to face charges.

Goudeaux along with his girl friend Tonya Patterson moved in with the elderly man and  are accused of then moving  money out of his accounts.

Patterson plead guilty to adult abuse charges last week.

She was sentenced to five years but was eligible for parole with the time she had already served.

The woman who the couple hired to help care for the elder Goudeaux, Mary Odom, is set for trial in March.

She is also the sister of Brandon Odom, the man who pulled a gun on us as we investigated the case.

Brandon Odom will also be in court  next spring for two counts of aggravated assault for the gun pulling.

We have learned his attorney asked for a mental evaluation to see if he's 

In that evaluation Odom gave a very different account saying he saw two reporters at Goudeaux's house and the woman, yours truly, was trying to get into the house.

He says he told us we weren't suppose to be there and to stop putting the camera in his face.

He admits to having a BB gun pistol in his vehicle but says he can't remember what happened next because he was so mad he blacked out, and when he came to, he was at his house.

He couldn't remember touching the gun.

But what we caught on tape can't be denied.

Another person caught in the middle of this abuse story is the former police chief of Joiner, Robert Yerby.

He is accused of failing to report the abuse, even after several people told him it was going on, and falsifying a power of attorney document that allowed Wilton Goudeaux, III to have access to his father's money.

Yerby will also be  in court Monday.