‘Bidding for Good’ In South Main

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(Memphis) South Main is considered Memphis’s art district by some.

A recent renaissance of the area is creating a vibrant community for artists and entrepreneurs.

This revival of the South Main district takes a lot of investment and support from the community, and there is a way you can help out.

“Recently you’ve seen an undercurrent of movement in the area of new businesses and new life,” said Cynthia Grawemeyer.

Grawemeyer owns several businesses in South Main including the restaurant Grawemeyer’s. 

She says a new initiative called Unveil South Main will highlight artists in the district and will raise money to continue the work being done there, “They have a continuation of being able to have their art exhibited in businesses so people can come down and look at the art."

Some of the artwork is also being auctioned off online. 

Several pieces have been donated by artists and bidding is now open. 

All proceeds raised will go to the South Main Association and will be put back into the development of South Main.

Another part of that initiative will be the showcasing of twenty different artists in twenty different spots in the South Main district. 

Shop owners say this is a great way to support local businesses and local artists. 

Anna Avant owns Hoot + Louise clothing boutique and says Unveil South Main is a perfect example of the tight community and vibrant culture, “All the money stays in our community.  It brings awareness to the different types of artists in our community that people may not know about."

Bidding will be open until December 19th at 5:00.

To take a look at the items  up for auction click on the link: https://www.biddingforgood.com/auction/item/Browse.action?grouping=ALL&auctionId=184313152