Memphis Police: Gun Jams as Woman Tries to Kill Husband

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(Memphis) - A Memphis man barely escapes with his life after police say his wife tried to kill him.

Not only that, police say she called his parents and told them what she was about to do.

Memphis police arrested 49-year-old Janell Morton and charged her with Attempted First Degree Murder and Aggravated Kidnapping.

The couple recently separated according to a police report. The man told police he has no idea how she tracked him down, but she gave him and his family one heck of a scare.

Neighbors like Henry Carr are trying to make sense of the allegations. He finds it hard to believe that Morton would do such a thing, “This is news to me. I never expected anything like that from them. They never mentioned anything about a divorce or anything.”

Memphis Police say Morton showed up to the Red Roof motel on Shady Oaks road Saturday morning, armed with a gun. He opened the door and she forced her way inside, police say, making her husband get down on his knees.

“That's just shocking to me,” Carr added.

For the next hour Morton held her husband at gunpoint, police say, even calling his parents and putting them on speaker phone. Police say she told them to say goodbye to their son that she was going to put a bullet in his head.

Morton then allegedly tried to follow through on her threat. Police say she cocked the gun twice and it jammed. That's when her husband grabbed the gun, pushed Morton to the floor and ran for safety.

He called the police as Morton allegedly drove off in his truck with his hunting rifle, keys and wallet.

Carr says this is a situation that could have ended much worse.

Morton is in jail Sunday night on a $500,000 bond. She will be in court Monday.