Adults Get Involved After Student Fights

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(Memphis) Some parents of Westwood High School students are deeply concerned after hearing an adult managed to threaten their daughters in the school cafeteria.

The incident comes after a string of fights between rival groups of girls, according to the parents.

On Monday morning, a Memphis City Schools spokesperson said that the principal called some parents to a meeting regarding a fight that occurred Friday after school, off campus.

One mom apparently brought other family members. While the mother was in a conference with the principal, school staff believed the relatives might have gotten up to use the restroom. Instead, the aunt and cousins were found in the school cafeteria.

Zachary Harris said his daughter and her friends were verbally threatened by that adult.

“I just feel like, where is the protection for our children?” said Zachary Harris. 

The Friday fight did not involve his daughter, but he said she had been jumped on a few weeks ago by some of the same people.

“Scratches on her face, hair pulled out. It shouldn’t…I’m sick of it. It doesn’t make any sense,” Harris said.

His daughter and her friends are part of a group called “Ladies of Distinction” at Westwood High School, who maintain 3.0 GPAs and do community service.

He said they don’t need to be caught up in the bullying and fighting that’s been going on for months. He said he would like to see more security at school, and harsher disciplinary action for the students who fight.

Another parent, Reginald Hughes, said he’s also tired of getting calls from his daughter about threats and fights.

In regard to Monday’s incident in the cafeteria, Hughes said, “A woman, talking about putting your hands on a child? Come on.”

While these dads were on campus Monday afternoon to address the threat from an adult, they said another fight started outside.

News Channel 3 saw police and an ambulance respond to the scene, but it’s uncertain whether Monday’s incident is related to previous fights.

Memphis City Schools said in a statement:

“Along with a part-time social worker and psychologist, Westwood High offers monthly gender-based meetings with speakers who discuss possible outcomes from negative behavior, and how to avoid the consequences of being in the Juvenile Court justice system.  Communications from the school, and the district, to parents and students help discourage student altercations at Westwood High, and every other school in the district.  Everyone in the school community (e.g., students, parents, teachers, volunteers) is made aware of the code of conduct, disciplinary actions, and available programs that improve self-esteem and encourage positive behavior.”