Sheriff’s Deputies on the Hunt for 6 Robbers

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(Shelby County) Dark clouds hover over Buttermilk Drive Sunday, dreary from the weather and what happened on the street the night before.

Investigators say Saturday night a couple came home to six men in ski masks who kicked in their door. The robbers demanded money but when the couple didn’t give it up the husband was hit in the head with a gun. The couple was then bound for three hours.

“I’m very concerned. That’s just a few yards up the street, they could have easily targeted our house,” said neighbor, Terry Neal

According to investigators,  the robbers eventually drove off in the couple's van. The victims cut themselves free and are expected to be ok.

Investigators haven’t said if the couple knew their attackers and there is no description of who those men are. Right now the alleged robbers aren’t in jail, they are on the streets.

Terry Neal describes the neighborhood as usually quiet but, just a precaution, he installed extra security in his house years ago. After last night’s incident he’s certain that was a good investment.

“What I am grateful about is that we decided to put a gate up on our door because we have kids,” said Neal.

Neal is hoping the six robbers are caught soon and they stay away from his home and family.

“I don’t want to end up in the penitentiary or end up dead trying to protect them,” said Neal.