Mother Reports Baby Sitter for Infants Fractured Skull and Arm

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(MEMPHIS) Any parent can imagine Jasmine Tipton's anger. Her five-month-old daughter Lakaria has a broken arm and fractured skull.  They are injuries she says she found when she picked up her child from daycare.

“I lifted her shirt and she had bruises on her arm”, said Tipton.

 She called 911 and police and paramedics rushed out there.

 “The fire truck got her out of my car and they noticed her arm broke, they got her to the hospital and they said she got a cracked skull”, said Tipton

    The skull fracture was weeks old but the mom says she never dropped her child, but the arm injury was fresh and will take weeks to heal.

    The baby sitter wasn't home when we visited but her daycare business is licensed. Ms. Tipton says she found her through the state and never did she expect all this.

  Police are investigating the claims but haven’t filed any charges.