Methodist Hospital Expansion Adds More Care and Jobs

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(Memphis) Today Methodist hospital started a huge renovation project which will eventually help doctors see more patients and boost the local economy.

The ceremonial demolition began for Methodist University Hospital’s new state of the art emergency department.

The new facility will service about 70,000 patients each year.

That’s more than 20,000 than they serve right now and the numbers keep growing.

“This is a national trend. There are more visits to the emergency department nationwide and it’s projected to continue to rise at the present rate, if not more so,” said Dr. Ray Walther, Methodist University.

Two buildings currently on the property will come down to make way for the new emergency department.

The construction adds an additional 93,000 square feet of new space and should add a big boost to the Memphis area economy.

It starts with the first wrecking ball.

“One of the things we try to really focus on is local talent and that's why we talked about the architects are local, BGR3S. They are Memphis architects. The construction, we’re looking at local and minority firms to participate and to build this wonderful emergency department,” said Kevin, Methodist University, CEO

Construction will take about two years.

“As community members get older, they seek emergency care and sometimes  this is the most difficult thing. We just really want to make that experience the best possible experience it can be,” said Spiegel.

The community will benefit in another way from this expansion at Methodist Hospital.

Part of the space will double as a disaster area in case there is ever a natural disaster or in case there is a big industrial accident.