Security Guard Shoots Man At Truck Stop

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(Memphis) Memphis police are investigating a shooting early Thursday morning at a truck stop near the airport.

Witnesses say a security guard shot a man outside Love's after the man pulled out a knife.

Managers of Love's say the security guard saw the man steal three kids jackets from the store, followed him outside, and told him to bring the items back inside the store.

Witnesses say that's when the man pulled a knife out of his jacket, and when the security guard shot the man in the thigh.

W C Hampton was transported to the hospital in stable condition and later charged with  Theft of Property $500 or Less.

Customers say the security guard did the right thing.

"Well, he's suppose to protect himself," said Bernard Green.

Witnesses say he was also protecting customer's nearby.

The security guard, who works for Shelby Contract Security Services, was questioned by police.

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