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Outbreaks of Illness Have Many Asking ‘What’s Going Around?’

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(Collierville, TN) At clinics around the Mid-South, patients are looking for relief for something that seems to be hitting people everywhere.

Patricia Smith, who showed up at one clinic, said it came on quickly, "I had a headache, pain, my body was just weak. I was like drained."

It hit hard.

"I wasn't able to function. I couldn't even go to work," says Smith.

It landed her at Baptist Hospital Clinic under the care of Family Nurse Practitioner Heather Taylor, who has seen plenty of people coming in to get relief.

"We can see anywhere from 25 up to 44 people. We saw 44 one day. It's been very busy," says Taylor.

She says your stuffiness, congestion and drainage can be symptoms of several things going around, "From the common cold which is a viral infection all the way up to also seeing pneumonia which can be pretty severe."

With this years early onset of the flu in Mississippi and Tennessee, those aches and pains might be more serious than you think.

That's why getting exercise and staying hydrated is so important.

"We need to wash our hands. That's the number one way to prevent colds. Instead of coughing into your hand,  cough into your sleeve. The same with sneezing," says Taylor.

If you haven`t been bitten by the sickness  bug, consider yourself lucky. If you have, you may want to check with your doctor.

The sooner they can determine what is wrong with you, the better for everyone.