Man Found Guilty In Sex Trafficking Case

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(Memphis) He committed brutal crimes against women and now Terrence Yarbrough has been found guilty of ten counts of sex trafficking. 

The verdict came down late Wednesday afternoon in federal court.

The jury was deadlocked on one count sex trafficking and found him not not guilty on another, but the ten counts they found him guilty of can still send him to prison for life. 

It's something his victims are very happy about.

"Grace is really a hero. She was able to stand up to him and say 'I'm not going to take this anymore," said Kimberly Benson, who is supporting two of the victims through non-profit work.
Grace Harris is a survivor.

The kind of abuse she endured under Pimp Terrence Yarbrough makes the now convicted sex-trafficker look nothing short of a monster,  "The type of brutality that he demonstrated was beyond barbaric and demonic."

A jury has decided Yarbrough, known as T-Rex, is guilty of ten counts of sex-trafficking for forcing women and girls to sell themselves and severely abusing them along the way.

"I would never want to relive that ever again. Ever," said Harris

"Torture. There was one young lady who was put in a dog kennel," Benson.
Grace is now getting help from Kimberly and her husband Daryl Benson.  

The couple had been in court the whole trial and run a non-profit called A Bride of Hope that helps victims of sex-trafficking.  

They are helping two of the women, including Grace, who testified against T-Rex.

"One had her teeth stomped out and beaten on a regular basis," said Benson.  "It's just been horrific for them."

"Some of the details are very disturbing," said Daryl. "I am just amazed there are human beings that treat other human beings that way."

"All throughout the trial he was laughing and taking it easy," said Benson.
"He's a bad person. He's not good at all," said Harris.

His victims say he beat them with padlocks, burned them with irons, stripped skin of their backs and kept them away from their children.

The Bensons, and Grace, say Yarbrough deserves nothing less than life in prison.

He faces a minimum of 15 years to a maximum of life in prison without parole.

His sentencing hearing is scheduled for April 18 at 10 a.m.