Elementary School Students Suspended for Gang Activity

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(MEMPHIS)   It's a lifestyle centered around drugs, guns, and all types of violence. Apparently it's popping up in school where the focus should be learning, friends, and fun.

The principal at Getwell Elementary sent overnight suspension letters home to a dozen students saying they were involved in gang activity.

“Does your niece know anything about a gang?”

“No, she don’t, she can barely tell her ABC`s good.” said one woman.

Parents got the news Wednesday evening and some are concerned saying the school is too sensitive.

“They made her child stop wearing a leather coat, they said it was gang related, maybe that`s all he had.” added the woman.

The students were supposedly using language and signs of two gangs. 

A representative from Memphis City Schools said they had to take action as part of an intervention program.

Tomorrow the students will meet with a member of the gang task force to try to stop this before it gets worse.