Tow Truck Driver Accused of Pointing Gun at Customers

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(Memphis) A Memphis tow truck driver is behind bars after two customers told police he pointed a gun at them.

Thirty year-old David Yates is charged with Aggravated Robbery and Aggravated Assault.

He was arrested Wednesday for the incident that happened back in October.

A woman and her adult daughter told police that Yates towed their car despite the car having a valid parking pass.

They also claimed to police that Yates pulled out a black hand-gun and demanded their car keys.

News Channel 3 tried to contact the women that made the allegations today, but couldn’t reach them.  We also looked into David Yates criminal background. Yates has several arrests.

Larri Roland, the owner of 901 Towing and Recovery where Yates works said he did look into to Yates background but didn’t see anything that alarmed him.

“David he's good, he's strong and he does his job when he has to,” said Roland.

Roland also said the claims about David are not true.

“This lady never saw him pick up the vehicle for one thing. She called me in the middle of the night. Her first thing was, my neighbor said you picked up my car,” said Roland.

901 Towing and Recovery is the same company where a tow truck driver was shot and paralyzed last month.

“I got a guy that just got shot and paralyzed, but as far as him pulling out a weapon on her I don't believe it,” added Roland.

Yates has a $100,000 bond. The women were not injured in the incident.