Driver Delays Expected for St. Jude Marathon

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(Memphis) – Thousands of people have poured into Memphis this weekend for the St. Jude marathon.

Anyone driving in midtown or downtown needs to give themselves extra time because you can expect some delays.

Safety is the top priority for race organizers. Anyone heading out Saturday morning needs to plan ahead because runners will be given the right-of-way.

Signs are scattered all along major Memphis roads warning drivers of what’s to come; the St. Jude Marathon.

“This is the 11th year for the Memphis St. Jude Marathon weekend,” said Race Director, Wain Rubenstein. “It has become a major event here. We get people from all over the country, all 50 states and quite a few foreign countries.”

So when 18,000 marathoners fill the streets, Rubenstein says traffic will be congested, “Poplar will be affected from Overton park all the way downtown, North and East parkways, and through Cooper Young area and Central Gardens area.”

Those roads will be open to traffic, Rubenstein says, but he urges people to drive with extreme caution. Officers will be directing traffic and will get you through, but it could mean an alternative route.

“The streets will be coned,” said Rubenstein. “The streets will be limited. We`ll have a certain number of lanes with two lanes in some places and one lane in others and there will be traffic so drivers proceed with caution and stay outside the cones.”

There were no problems last year and Rubenstein hopes for the same this year, as they work to raise $5,000,000 for the children’s hospital.

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