Teen Cuts Long Hair to Save Dog

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(Marion, AR) A ninth grade student has decided to take extreme lengths to help a dog that was near death after someone shot it multiple times.

Nothing could come between the teenage boy and his hair.

"All the girls love it," said Wade Walker. "They want to touch it."

Except for a dog.

The Marion Animal Shelter says the little black lab named Faith was found in a ditch shot multiple times by a pellet or BB gun.

Faith is now healing from surgery and looking for love.

It's something, besides hair, of which Wade Walker has plenty.

"Why should a person do this to a dog?" asked Walker. "This dog is a loving dog so why should you shoot it?"

To help pay for the animal's care, the 14-year-old decided to do something drastic.

"It actually came up from my dad thinking of it and I just went with it," he said.

"For years, the teachers and stuff wanted Wade to cut his hair," said his father, Robert Walker. "So when Wade said he wanted to help the dog out and raise some money for it, I said 'Well, why don`t you put up your hair? I am sure we could raise about 500 dollars,"

And sure enough, in front of his classmates and teachers Wednesday at East Junior High, Wade filled-up a jar with donations and said goodbye to his locks that he's loved for many years.

His hair will go to Locks of Love and the money raised will go back to the Marion Animal Shelter, which payed for Faith to have a full recovery.

"Hopefully, we can get her adopted out to a family who loves her and she can love back," said Rusty Colman, the animal shelter supervisor.

And it would be thanks to a boy who loved a dog more than his hair.

"I couldn't be a happier dad," said Robert Walker.

"This kid has done such a great job showing that there are good people in this world that do help out," said Becky Ellison, an animal control officer.

Faith is now up for adoption at the Marion Animal Shelter.

If you would like to adopt her, she is a very sweet dog.

Contact the shelter by going to 1001 L H Polk Drive or calling (870) 739-5412.