Police Consultant Speaks About Discipline Practices

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(Memphis) Cornelius Monger joins a list of almost two dozen Memphis police officers.

He has been arrested on charges of rape and incest.   

That has one of the consultants hired to take a look at the department’s disciplinary practices talking about changes he’d like to see.

Before yesterday, all Memphis police officer Cornelius Monger had on his record were two speeding tickets.

Now, he’s facing rape charges for having sex with a 16 year old relative.

“It's just good to know that there's one that stays around,” said Lakeith Garrett, Raleigh.

There’s a certain feeling of security knowing a police officer is your neighbor.

That’s why they were shocked when they saw him getting arrested.

Investigators arrested MPD officer Monger at his apartment complex.

“I saw about 15 police over here the other day. I didn't know what was going on,” said Joe Davis, Raleigh.

The On Your Side Investigators learned the officer’s father, Henry Monger, Jr., is still in jail from his October arrest for sexually abusing relatives.

One a 16-year-old, the same age as the female relative police say his son, Cornelius is accused of raping. 

“We want to make sure that our police department is engaging in the right manner and nothing is being swept under the rug,” said Rev. Keith Norman, police consultant.

The mayor hired First Baptist Broad Pastor Keith Norman along with two other retired MPD officers as consultants to see why there are now almost two dozen police officers either under arrest or being investigated.

I asked about this latest arrest.

“We don't have enough information for us to speak on it at this very moment,” said Norman.

Norman says the consultants will look at how the department disciplines officers.

He said, “We're going to look at how we handle critical incidents. What's the reporting there? What information is being made available?”

Norman also responds to criticism about what a preacher knows about law enforcement and about two retired Lt. Colonels being hired to change a police department they helped command just months ago, “We don't have a problem at all saying something is not right."

The three consultants haven’t met together yet but Norman says he has talked to one of the two retired Memphis officers on the phone.

He expects to meet with them soon.

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