Trial for Memphis Man Accused of Sex Trafficking Begins

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(Memphis) Terrence Yarbrough, also known as T-Rex, is accused of sex trafficking eight women and four teens.

Yarbrough's trial began Monday.

The first witness on the stand one of the women who said she was part of his sex ring.

She called him a violent pimp.

"Terrence Yarbrough is a very intimidating man," the woman said."He threatened to kill me several times. I was afraid."

The first witness on the stand told a horrifying tale of feeling trapped for weeks as a prostitute in Yarbrough's sex ring.

She called him controlling.

She said he learned much online when he would study what he called "pimpology."
"He took over your mind, body and soul," she said.
The woman told the court she was forced into prostitution in August 2008.

Fighting through tears, the woman said Yarbrough would have her walk Lamar Avenue and perform sex act in motels.

"All he cared about was him getting his money," she said.

The victim told the jury T-Rex even talked about pimping out their own 9-year-old daughter, but she said he decided he should wait a couple of years before doing that.

Not all young girls were so lucky. 

The woman said he forced underage teens to dance at clubs and perform sex acts.

"He had all the girls call him T-Rex or daddy," she said. "He called the girls his whores."

The woman told the jury T-Rex was violent when anyone didn't do what he wanted.

She recalled a time at a truck stop when she didn't want to 'work.'

"I told Terrence I was ready to go home and we was in his truck and I kept telling him I was ready to go home. He hit me real hard. He pulled a pipe from underneath the seat and whooped me with it," she said.

She said she he hit her on the knees and she ran away. It was the last time she saw T-Rex until court.

Testimony in the trial will continue tomorrow. The trial is expected to last two weeks.

Yarbrough faces 15 years to life in prison if convicted on all 14 counts.