Walmart Strikes Did Not Affect Mid-South

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(Southaven, MS) – Some Walmart employees followed through with their Black Friday protest.

From coast to coast, workers picketed the corporate giant for, what they call, poor working conditions.

News Channel 3 found out that Walmart employees across the Mid-South did not picket or walk out of work. People said, had the strike shut down stores, they would have gone somewhere else to shop.

Carolyn Smith could only imagine what Black Friday would be like if Walmart stores across the country were shut down by a workers strike.

“It would be a disaster,” she said.

Thankfully, for shoppers like Smith, Walmart employees across the Mid-south went to work on Friday. Traffic was heavy at the store in Southaven.

“Earlier we got some clothes for my grandson and then we came back and bought a freezer,” said Smith.

However, employees picketed in some places, including Duarte, California. They say they’re fed up with poor working conditions like low pay and lack of benefits. Walmart called the strike a publicity stunt and warned workers of the consequences.

“They know what they’re getting into when they work this job,” said Erica Ratliff. “They work in retail so they should know what they’re getting into.”

But strikes there were not enough to keep shoppers away from holiday bargains in the Mid-South.

“We would have just gone to the Hernando Walmart, or another Walmart or a Target or something,” Ratliff said.

Smith added, “I just said if they were striking, we would just turn around and go back home.”