Small Business Saturday to Support Local Economy

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(Memphis) While shoppers bust down the doors at big chains like Target and Wal-Mart for Black Friday deals things are a little quieter at Outdoors Inc.

“I wouldn’t say that we get lost in the shuffle it’s just not as crazy here on Black Friday. It’s definitely not like any of the big box stuff,” said Outdoors Inc. Manager Kevin Bryan.

But after Black Friday comes Shop Small Business Saturday, and that’s Outdoor Inc.’s time to shine.  Like the name says shoppers are encouraged to shop at small local business to support the local economy and increase local hiring. 

“It actually keeps the money here in our local economy versus all over. It’s just important to keep the little guys in business, and just kind of keep it local,” said Bryan.

This is the third year for Shop Small Business Saturday, and Bryan says they have definitely noticed a spike in shopping the last two years.

“I’d say people are just kind of aware of the need to support the local economy and it seems like people really do enjoy the customer service you get at a local business,” said Bryan.

Shane Griffin is one of those shoppers. 

While black Friday shoppers headed to the mall he got a jump on Small Business Saturday. 

“There’s no line, not as many people, and I can support the local community,” said Griffin.

American Express organizes the even and Memphis based FedEx is a big sponsor of Small Business Saturday.