Mid-Southerners Prepare for Holiday Season

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(Memphis) – Just one glimpse of holiday shoppers will show you, it doesn’t take much for people to forget about Thanksgiving and set their sights on the next big holiday.

People absolutely love this time of year with the shopping, the family time, and even setting up yard decorations. The Mid-South is wasting no time getting into the holiday spirit.

The lobby at the Peabody hotel is completely decked out in Christmas cheer. Friday, they rolled out the 30 foot Christmas tree and an entire village made of 600 pounds of sugary goodness.

“We always have a huge crowd for this event. The crowd swells as the day goes on. I think people go do their Black Friday shopping and then come down here and see the tree lighting>

The event comes to finale when Santa arrives, but we found him already there dressed casual and incognito, “It’s cold up north, so we get a little south, the elves lay out my shorts so that’s what I wear.”

But even Santa, who spreads the ultimate cheer, believes there is always room for more goodness, “I don’t think Christmas is just one day or season. I think people should live Christmas 365 days a year.”

That’s not hard for people like Brandon Childers, “[It’s] kind of like the Griswold’s here” he said about his yard display.

Childers goes all out for Christmas, setting up a pretty impressive light display two weeks ago. The lights dance to music, “Me and my family are pretty happy, being off work and being able to buy presents. It’s all fun.”

But as holiday season kicks off, Childers shares a little holiday wisdom, “Be safe and don’t get out there and spend too much money on Black Friday. Enjoy this time of season and be friendly and respect each other.”