18-Month Old St. Francis County Baby Rescued From Fire By Good Samaritans

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(St. Francis County, AR) Two men hailed as heroes after pulling an 18-month old Arkansas boy from a burning home.

The boy was one of several people inside a house when it caught fire on Tuesday.

The house is located on Highway 261 near Caldwell in St. Francis County.

Tonight, the toddler is being treated for burns at Le Bonheur.

The family says he's alive thanks to quick thinking neighbors who came to the rescue.

The home of Katie Newborn on Highway 261 is a charred mess after Tuesday's fire.

Newborn and five children were inside when the blaze broke out around 2:30pm.

Lee Lucas lives directly across the highway and was startled when a young girl from the house knocked on his front door.

"And when she came up she went to yelling, 'our house is on fire, help us, help,' and I ran out of the house. When she said that I could see the smoke coming out of the back room here."

Lucas and his friend Lonnie Amos ran to the house and were told by Katie Newborn that her 18-month old grandson was in the burning bedroom.

"And I got on my stomach and looked to see if maybe I could crawl back. And I couldn't see anything."

Lucas says what the two men did next wasn't "heroics"...but just plain "instinctive."

He says his friend pulled the steel burglar bars from the bedroom window and smashed out the glass.

The good samaritans were met with heavy smoke, but Lee Lucas was determined to find the baby.

"And I kept reaching and I grabbed, I guess, the leg. And when I grabbed the leg I thought it was like a doll. and I said, 'oh God I hope it's not a doll.'  And when I raised it up, it was the baby. And god blessed us enough to find that baby."

The child suffered burns and smoke inhalation and is being treated at Le Bonheur.

Betty Hamilton lives next door to the burned out home.

"They lost pretty near everything," said Hamilton.

But she says the latest report on the infant is encouraging.

"I heard they had him on the breathing machine, but he was holding on."

Most  of the family members are at the hospital with the 18-month old.

We're told the boy had surgery to address problems caused by smoke inhalation.

He also has burns on his legs.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.