Some Skipping Thanksgiving for Black Friday Lines

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(Cordova, TN) People have been in line for Black Friday at the Best Buy in Cordova since 3:00 Wednesday afternoon, and doors don’t open until midnight.

But some of the people I talked to say it’s not just about these great deals, but also about the experience. 

“It’s definitely a good experience to be out here with my friends and get a good deal you know,” said Ryan Chapman.

These three guys were first in line last year and wanted to do it even bigger this year.  

Their tent has a generator, heater, tv and even a Crockpot.

“People drive by and think we’re crazy because they’re at home with their families on Thanksgiving and we’re just sitting here at Best Buy,” said Kris McCormick.

And then there’s their buddy George Awtrey. He’s in the tent they have set up for sleeping next door.

“This year I do miss Thanksgiving just a little but other than that’s it’s still fun, and I get to sleep all day and hang out all day,” said Awtrey.

George’s girlfriend isn’t as happy about it she’s delivering three meals a day, but wishes he was home for Thanksgiving. 

These guys are hoping to get a deal on a TV, but so is Tasha Andrews.

“I dreamt about it last night. So I came up here to look and see if anyone was here,” said Andrews.

And she found there was already a line, so she traded the Turkey for Ihop. 

“I knew I was coming up here, I just didn’t know I was going to be here this early apparently, because I looked at everyone else and they have camping gear and I don’t have anything,” said Andrews.

But campers like Paco Munez say don’t feel too bad for them because they’re missing their families and Thanksgiving, and camping out for deals is a fun tradition too.

“I got my bed right here. It’s pretty comfortable.  I can’t sleep in a sleeping bag so I gotta go in style haha,” said Munez.

Paco says by camping out he expects he’ll save over a grand when get checks out tonight at mid-night, and for that he’s Thankful.