Mid-South Woman Treats The Needy And Homeless Like Royalty At Thanksgiving

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(West Memphis, AR) At the Wonder City Boys & Girls Club in West Memphis, the sign on the door welcomes special guests to be served on Thanksgiving day. In this case, the special guests are the needy and the homeless.

Zettie Jackson is an evangelist at Harvest Time Christian Church.

"Our thing is to make them feel first today. They're our guest today. We're going to treat them as royalty," Jackson said.
For decades, Jackson's mission is to treat the less-fortunate like royalty, especially during the holidays.
"This this is something I want to do for the homeless because they don't know where they're going to eat, when they're going to eat or if they're going to eat," Jackson said.

Jackson's church members, along with her family and friends, provide a full-course Thanksgiving Dinner with the help of Wonder City, which provides the building and the turkeys.

Carolyn Anthony is the executive director of the Wonder City Boys & Girls Club.
"To me it means giving everyone a chance to have something to eat. if you just get here we have the food, " Anthony said.
This meal has a special meaning for David Ratcliff and Richard Lee Murry.

"It's about helping the community and there are a lot of homeless people in the world." Murry said.

"I know it is Thanksgiving. That's what it's for. If I'm correct I'm in for a treat. I am being blessed," Ratcliff said.
It's a feeling of being blessed that's also shared by Evangelist Zettie Jackson who each year gives from her heart to help the needy and the homeless.

"Yes, it's emotional simply because I'm on a fixed income. I've been retired over three years and to see God provide not just what you need, but more than you need, it's beautiful. It's beautiful," Jackson said.