Hundreds Feed The Homeless And Hungry

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(Memphis) Volunteers got up before dawn  to prepare a Thanksgiving dinner for around 100 people today.

The 28th Annual Thanksgiving Dinner for the Homeless and Hungry is the city's largest Thanksgiving gathering.

It's the one day where there is no such thing as "too many cooks in the kitchen."

Some volunteers got to the Cook Convention Center at 3:30am to begin preparing the feast.

"We have got it "down to a tee," said Chef Albert Sanders.

Sous Chef Albert Sanders has been helping out for more than a decade.

Sanders knows what it is like to be on the receiving end and is glad to be able to give back.

"I've been homeless before, you know what I'm saying? God has been blessing me every year, and I do it every year," said Sanders.

Nakuria Clayton has been volunteering for the last five years with Alpha Church.

In fact, she had deboned so many turkeys that she no longer likes to eat them.

"No turkey. No turkey," said Clayton.

But she's happy so many get to enjoy the turkey they are preparing, and all the trimmings that come with it.

"I just feel really good about that. Me helping a lot, a lot of people," said Clayton.

In case you are wondering,  this year they prepared 51 turkeys, 500 pounds of dressing, 540 pounds of cranberry sauce, 600 cans of green beans and 40 gallons of gravy.

Marriott loaned out it's kitchen for the day, the city and Cook Convention Center provided the venue and MATA  is providing free rides to and from the dinner.