Payroll Manager Says Mayor Asked for Altered Payroll Documents

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(Southaven, MS)    Southaven payroll clerk Wes Brown has admitted in a court document that Mayor Greg Davis asked him to prepare a pay stub showing less money than he actually made.  The affidavit was filed as a part of a lawsuit filed by Davis’ ex-wife saying the mayor defrauded her out of child support payments by lying about his income.

      Brown appears to back up those claims. He stated in his affidavit, “Mayor Greg Davis approached me and asked I prepare a copy of his current pay stub reflecting $140,000.00 as income instead of his actual income of $150,000.00 He asked that I alter his current pay stub to reduce his amount of salary that it indicated he received by manually reducing or lowering his stated salary, but then at the same time, increasing a “stipend.”

     It's a claim four of the board of aldermen and the city’s police chief all backed up. “While in executive session, under the auspices of discussing those matters not subject to public disclosure, Mayor Greg Davis stated to all those present that he had recently had Mr. Wes brown of the City of Southaven alter his payroll information that he had provided his wife, Suzann Davis, for consideration in his pending divorce”, said William Brooks, in his affidavit.

 Miles Mason, Family Law attorney said, even if the fake documents were provided without a court order, the mayor’s in trouble. “It’s straight up civil fraud”, said Mason.