New Details on an Accuses Shelby County Serial Rapist

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(Memphis) Michael Richardson is charged with six counts of rape, some of which were at gun point.

According to police, Richardson picked up his last victim at Summer and White Station, because she was walking and the weather was getting bad.  

She told police they went to a gas station for a drink, and then she noticed he started driving out of the city, and Richardson was getting agitated. 

She said he became aggressive and demanded she perform a sex act or he would 'blow her brains out.'

Next thing she knew, he raped her and kicker her out of the car on Latting Road in Eads.

We're told several of his other victims were also picked up in the northeast Memphis area.

Police say after picking up the women he drove them out here to rural Shelby County where he raped them at gun point in his car.

Then he put them out stranding them here in the middle of nowhere. 

A rape kit was performed on all the women and police collected evidence that connected them.

Those results were matched to rapes in Fayette County where Richardson lives.

Anna Whalley works at the Memphis Rape Crisis Center. 

She says there are some things you can do to reduce your risk of becoming a rape victim.

“One thing we know about rapists is they are opportunists. So don't give them an opportunity to rape you.  Don`t get in the car with someone you don`t know well, and don`t go to meet someone you met online in person without the safety of a crowd,” said Whalley.

Richardson is being held on $2 million dollars bond, and the Sheriff`s department says they don't know of any serial rapist warnings that were put out in the area, even though there were several cases with similar circumstances.