Sewage leak forces family out of their home

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(Memphis) A plumbing disaster inside a Whitehaven apartment has a mother calling News Channel 3 for help.

She says raw sewage backed up and seeped all over her floors, forcing her family to temporarily move out. 

A ring of filth showed us  just how high sewage rose in Erica Butler's Tulane Apartment in Whitehaven, "There was tissues, feces, it was sickening."

The sewage spewed from her tub Monday night. 

She snapped pictures on her phone, but most of them are too stomach churning to show here.

"This smell is horrifying. It makes me sick to stomach just standing here," said Butler.

The single mother of three small children said the apartment complex promised to send someone to fix the mess Monday night, but no one showed up until Tuesday morning.

Without renters insurance, she has to find a way replace her kids spoiled clothes and furniture, " I don't have anything. All I get is Family First, food stamps and child support. I'm barely making it off that."

News Channel 3 tried to speak with the apartment complex manager.

A sign said someone should be in the office, but no one answered the door and it was locked Tuesday morning.

Another sign posted on the office door tells residents if they have overflowing toilets, the complex will take a work order. 

Butler says the complex is always taking work orders and the plumbing in the complex is terrible, but never this bad, "I'm very frustrated. I haven't been to sleep."

Now the family is staying with friends and hopes the mess will soon be over.